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Home automation the connected home!

At The heart of a home automation system is the essential wiring that links up all the features that the house holder requires. These features range from an intruder alarm system intergrated with lighting control plus control of heating, air conditioning, and appliances, curtains, blinds, audio and video - all working together in an intelligent way. Once the appropriate wiring is installed, householders can choose to start modestly with a basic home security system and add to it in stages to suit their needs and budgets.

A home automation system can:-

  • Monitor and control security, lighting and heating from anywhere in the world using a telephone or smartphone application.

  • Switch on garden lights automatically based on time schedules.

  • Create an atmosphere with varied mood lighting scenes.

  • 'Magic' a hidden TV from a faux bookcase.

  • Heat up the bath water and have it ready to your personal preference.

  • Open or close the curtains or blinds.

  • Have lighting and appliances respond automatically to alarms or security events.

  • Talk to a visitor at the door before letting them in from a keypad, home phone, or from your mobile when you are out

The most common component of a home automation system is often lighting, where one or more lights can be controlled by electronic switches, keypads or remote controls. Such lighting systems may be bus based like NIKO where electronic low voltage switches are connected in a bus throughout the house, and the lighting loads are connected directly to relays or actuators rather than through electrical light switches. Bus lighting system are very reliable and have very extensive functionality.

Lights and appliances can also be connected using the AC outlets and powerline technology like X10 and its variants, although this is more suitable for non essential items like plug in devices due to problems caused by noise on the power line. Other lighting products communicate by wireless means like infrared and RF signals.

Sound and entertainment multi-room systems controlled by touch screens and keypads that also control lighting with mood scenes and underfloor heating are typically installed in higher end homes, though other more modestly sized houses can be candidates for basic automation.

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